Current Projects

I am currently working on a PhD in Creative Writing. My PhD project will culminate in a collection of creative nonfiction essays that combines creative and critical elements to explore attitudes on death and dying. I consider myself part of the death positivity movement, and in my book I ask the question: in encouraging death awareness and positivity in a death-phobic society, we aim to promote better end-of-life care and dying well, but how can we do this without considering the obstacles towards a good death for those who struggle in life?

In this book, I will consider my own attitudes, fears and anxieties towards death and dying, and how they are similar or different to those less fortunate in our society. The aim is to draw more attention to death awareness for not only those who can afford to care for themselves in life and in death, but also for those in our society who are too often left behind and forgotten.

My immersive research experiences including visiting potter’s fields, volunteering at homeless shelters and working with lonely elders will be woven together with knowledge from research and reading to advocate for better end-of-life care across the social and class strata.