Collaborations & Other Projects

I have had the honor of being a part of and leading some fabulous writing projects over the years. Here are some of the highlights!

  • May 2019: Co-developed, organized, and facilitated Death Writes: A Reading & Writing on Death & Dying Symposium. This was a joint venture, with my two PhD supervisors, Dr. Elizabeth Reeder and Dr. Naomi Richards, to engage the public in a discussion on death and dying that centered around reading related texts and engaging in creative writing activities. See details in this blog post:

End of Life Studies @ University of Glasgow – Blog on Death Writes Symposium

  • 2019: As a Hunterian Associate with the University of Glasgow, I researched the Dance with Death collection, housed in the university library’s Special Collections. I then facilitated a lovely group of creative writers to create some inspiring writing in response to the Dance with Death Images. Check out their work below:

EPUB- Dancing with Death – And Writing with it Too

  • 2017: Led a class in the Writing Cafe sat Rosie’s Place in Boston, Massachusetts, full of engaging, intelligent, and amazing women with the most impressive stories. The theme was “Powerful Voices.” Our six weeks of work culminated in a final publication and reading party, where many of the women shared their pieces with their classmates and staff at Rosie’s Place.

Powerful Voices Web Issue

  • 2015: Taught creative writing workshops in Fresno, California, on the topic of “home”. Below you will find a link to the PDF, Fresno Stories, the collection of writing that from those who attended the workshops.

Fresno Stories

  • 2014: Co-taught a creative writing class at Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow, Scotland. Over ten weeks the students wrote and we collected that writing to create a one-off journal of inspiring and engaging writing. The students helped revise their work, and make editorial decisions on placement of writing and what artwork to include, which was generously donated by artists from around the world.


  • Once upon a time I had a food blog, but then things got super busy and I grew tired of photographing my dinner.

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